Apache Cassandra Tutorials

Apache Cassandra Apache Cassandra is a NOSQL database developed in Java plateform. Its developed for highly scalable and high performant application.

7. Apache Cassandra Tutorials

  1. What is Apache Cassandra?
    This tutorial gives you overview of Apache Cassandra about basic details. you can say this is jumpstart sort of tutorial in Apache cassandra.
  2. How to install Cassandra on Ubuntu
  3. Insert Select Update Delete data in Cassandra using cqlsh
  4. Table in Apache Cassandra
  5. Keyspace in Apache Cassandra
  6. How to install Cassandra in CentOS 6.5
  7. Key Concepts Data Structure and Algorithm In Apache Cassandra
  8. What are the Caveats for Relational Developer in Apache Cassandra?
  9. Apache Cassandra Interview Questions part 1

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