Data Mining – Questions Answers

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7. Give examples of the “Cluster analysis”

  • Divide the data into different groups of similar items
  • No. of cluster are not known apriori

8. Give examples of the “Outlier analysis”

  • Deviant data from the expected

9. Give examples of the “Evolution analysis”

  • Time series analysis of data

10. Give examples of the Regression

Regression is basically used to map data into a real-valued variable. You can say this is a type of supervised learning.

  • What is the cost of my house?

For finding the cost of the house you should have feature data as location, plot area, number of rooms garden, the dimension of the house.

11. Are the following activities is a data mining task?

  1. Q. Dividing the customer of a company according to their gender.
  2. ans: No, this is a simple database query.

    Question. Dividing the customers of a company according to their profitability.
    Ans: No, this is an accounting calculation, followed by the application of the threshold. However, predicting the profitability of the new customer would be data mining.

    Ques. Predicting the outcomes of tossing a fair pair of dice.
    Ans: No, since the dice is fair, this is a probability calculation.

    Ques: Predicting the future stock price of a company using historical records.
    Yes, we would attempt to create a model that can predict the continuous value of the stock price. This is an example of the area of data mining known as predictive modeling.

    Question: Monitoring seismic waves for earthquake activities.

    Ans: Yes, in this case, we would build a model of different types of seismic wave behavior associated with earthquake activities and raise an alarm when one of these different types of seismic activity was observed. this is an example of the area of data mining known as classification.

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