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Question 21: Which of the following is/are TRUE for Multi-zoned disk drive
Select one:
a. There are less number of sectors per track for inner tracks as compared to outer tracks
b. The linear velocity increases as we move from inner tracks to outer tracks
c. all the given choices are correct
d. It rotates with constant angular velocity

Ans: c

Question 22: Which of the following is not a valid SAN port:
Select one:
a. FN Port Correct
b. FL Port
c. NL Port
d. EX port

Ans: FN Port

Question 23: Which RAID level uses synchronized disk access
Select one:
a. RAID 4
b. RAID 5
c. RAID 3
d. RAID 6

Ans: RAID 6 , in RAID 6 all the disk are synchronized so that operation can be done in optimal way.

Question 24:Which of the statement(s) is FALSE for RAID levels:
Select one:
a. one parity blocks is used per D data blocks in RAID 5 Incorrect
b. RAID 3 have high data transfer rates
c. Parity disk becomes bottleneck in RAID 3
d. RAID 3 allows only one I/O at a time

The correct answer is: Parity disk becomes bottleneck in RAID 3

Question 25: Solid State Devices (SSDs) gives better performance for:
Select one:
a. sequential write
b. Same for both Sequential and Random accesses Correct
c. Random Accesses
d. Sequential Accesses

Ans: Same for both Sequential and Random accesses. SSD is made for random access so its hardly matter you are accessing sequential or random

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