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Question 6: System calls forms the interface between
Select one:
a. Device Driver and Hardware Devices
b. Kernel and Device Drivers
c. Application and kernel
d. Application and Device Drivers

Ans: Application and Device Drivers

Question 7: In case of Ethernet based network, slot times helps in finding
Select one:
a. distance between two farthest node in the network
b. Number of nodes here the collision
c. number of nodes here the broad cast
d. size of frame

Ans: distance between two farthest node in the network

Question 8: which of the following is non persistant memory / storage
Select one:
a. Static RAM
b. SSD drive
c. HDD
d. ROM

Ans: Static RAM . SSD drive is used for persistent memory, HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is used for persistent memory, and ROM( Read Only Memory) is used to store OS level program to persist.

Question 9: SCSI is an example of
Select one:
a. Sequential Bus
b. Synchronous Bus
c. Random Bus
d. parallel Bus

Ans: parallel Bus

Question 10: The maximum number of devices that can be connected using Arbitrated loop is
Select one:
a. 127
b. 126
c. 128
d. 256

Ans: 126 there are 126 port in Arbitrated loop.

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