7 Steps of Building right application

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Building right application is the process of identifying the problem that needs to be solved.

Overview of Building right application

Building right application is a process which goes through several stages till the actual solution is build.
What are the pain points of the targeted audience/customer, how it is impacting their functionality, Challenges that customer are facing, what are the gaps in the existing solution, how are they currently handling that problem.
The feasibility of application will be defined by the speed and accuracy with which solution will work in the scenario in which it is supposed to be used.
Building right application require careful planning and execution to Ensuring the solution suffice the objective.
There are 7 Steps that need to be consider in the process of building an application.

1. Identify the problem

Start by Identify the problem you are trying to solve. This is the most important step that will define the success or failure of the output, this involve the complete gap analysing of current Solution/Process that are currently in place, there shortcoming. This will require multiple interaction and clarification with multiple stakeholders as different person has different view of the same problem, which when combined will produce the full scale of the problem that needs to be solved.

2. Define the requirements

Once the problem is identified next stage will be define the requirement, What features should is have? What functionalities should it provide? What data should be handle? These all will define the scope of the application that needs to be developed.

3. Choosing the right Algorithms

Based on all the requirement and scope identification, choose the right algorithms for the application, there will be multiple algorithms as the candidate for the solution, such as Machine Learning algorithms, NLP(Natural Language Processing) algorithms, image processing algorithms, So Choosing the best fit is the key to success of the application.

4. Develop the application

In the process of developing the application using the chosen algorithms, make sure that the application is tested thoroughly to ensure that it meets the requirement. As application are built in an Incremental manner, it has the be ensured that at every stage, the complete application is tested so that any diversion from the original scope can be identified.

5. Automate where possible

The testing process need to be automated, thus decreasing the overall testing time and reducing human error. Other process should also be automated to save time and improve accuracy. for example, one can automate data entry, reporting, data processing etc.

6. Monitor and optimize

Once application is live, it must be Monitor closely for any issues or performance bottlenecks. This information will be used to optimize the application and improve its performance, and identifying defects and bugs that can be fixed as early as possible.

6. Early Feedback

Early feedback is helpful to ensure that the application is adopted by the customer. This will ensure that any usability issue, process gap, that might have been introduced be identified and fixed, any enhancement can be identified based on the application usage and be planned.


Overall, building right application with algorithms and automation requires a deep understanding of the problem, the requirements, and the algorithms. It also requires careful planning, execution, and monitoring to ensure that the application meets the needs of its users.

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