My First Poem “Silence”

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  1. How I wrote this poem?
  2. A Silly Mistake!!
  3. My Poem

1. How I wrote my poem

This all started when I participated in a poem competition. Well, I am a person who always submits her assignments on the day before the submission date, but this time I was wrong poem ideas doesn’t come so fast. One week was left to the submission date, That day I thought, what could I write then I saw the title “Silence”, The only thing that comes to my mind is when I think “Silence” is my teacher saying “Pin Drop Silence, Is this a class or a fish market”, I told this idea to my sister she said that “You can use this idea for your poem”.
First I thought “yeah” but then when I was trying to write, nothing came to my mind, My mind was completely blank, that night I slept cause it was a bit late.
Finally, the day arrived, just 2 were left for the submission date, I was thinking about what could I write? nothing came to my mind, I asked my sister, Anushka Jha, she told me you can write on the same idea, I replied “Ok, Fine.” I was trying to write, then I can write what do we all do when our teacher says “Pin Drop Silence, Is this a class or a fish market”, Well this idea totally worked.

2. A Silly Mistake!!

When I wrote the poem I actually wrote it, wrong. I used the word that I should have used, OK, first I want to say I am an Indian, my native language is Hindi so it’s not important I should know every single word from English Dictionary, So, I was saying
I used the word “lispers” (meaning: a speaker who lisps. speaker, talker, verbalizer, utterer – someone who expresses in language, someone who talks (especially someone who delivers a public speech or someone especially garrulous) and now you may know what I wrote wrong. I thought that time that “Lispers” means a speaker, talker (I just see the word speaker & talker. I didn’t saw what is written next!) Well, at that time I still didn’t got to know that “Lisper” means a speaker who lisps. I was not sure about my poem being right, so I said to my sister to check the poem, she did. Now their must be a question in your mind, If she check then why didn’t she correct my mistake, let me tell you why coz I told her Lispers means a speaker or a talker and I also told her that i checked on Google.
Then I thought that if she checked that it right, so I submitted!. Then my mother checked and she was not sure that I did all right, then she corrected all my mistakes and also checked the meaning of lispers, then she was shocked and told me the REAL MEANING and same with me I was totally shocked and I was like I am so dead when I got to know the meaning and then I changed the line, but I cannot change it from the page I sent.
so I just send a gmail



Is this a class or a fish market?”

These are the words we all must have heard from loving teachers

When she enters the room full of noise that we feature.

Some children put fingers on their lips

While others focus on their hair clips

And I talk to my friend in whispers

While our teacher talks, making things simpler.

Some children care about their hair

While some play truth or dare and others compare

All of us get quiet when our teacher comes in the room I used to think, what is silence?

Maybe, it’s the opposite of violence.

Tanisha Jha

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