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ClassNotFoundException in Java

Oracle Java

NoClassDefFoundError and ClassNotFoundException are two similar exception sound on high level in Java but intent of both type of exception are different. Although every developer must have encountered during development days, some are confused, someone understand , some one try to solve either by googling or another source but one thing is common they encounter this Exception type.
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JAXB: Date Format Example in Java

Oracle Java
You know , java.util.Date is the complex object, and parsing from string to Date is little bit complex. but don’t worry, it can be simple once you know the basic things.

JAXB supports to customize marshaling and de-marshaling of java.util.Date object, meaning that , you can customize your own format of data in xml and and java object. You have to defined XmlAdapter which control the customization of your data format.
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Java with Google protocol buffer

Oracle Java

Google Protocol Buffer:
Why GPB(google protocol buffer):
We can consider and example and application perform some read/write operation in network. Each user write and read some standard information. So, now the problem occurs in serializable. Serialization and de-serialization is cpu intensive operation which consumes considerable amount of CPU. How we can serialized our application and get data from it.

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