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Design Pattern : Adapter Versus Bridge

These two design pattern, i.e. Adapter and Bridge looks similar somewhere but intent of both are different. Here, first letter of both describe about their pattern. Well, be logical and you can link logically/illogically to remember things most of the time , specially if you want to learn for longer period of time :). In Bridge pattern , first letter is ‘B’ means Before design, this pattern which considerable at design time. In Adapter first letter is A means After , it means after design it can be considered. These B and A letter is used here just to keep in mind or you can say learning purpose. Let me explain the similarity and differences between them.
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Creational Design Pattern

What does means creational in design pattern? wherever we use creation of on object via design pattern is known as creational patter. by word it’s creational mean there are different way of creation of object with different intent to solve the contextual problem . The basic form of object creation could result in design problems or added complexity to the design. Creational design patterns solve contextual problem of creation of an object by somehow controlling this object creation.
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