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Java JEE Tutorial

  1. core Java Tutorials
  2. Java Collections Framework Tutorials
  3. Java JSP Servlet Tutorials
  4. JAX-WS: java Web Service tutorial
  5. JAX-RS: java Web Service tutorial
  6. Design Pattern Tutorials
  7. Data Structure and Algorithm in Java

2. Framework (Spring, Hibernate) Tutorials

Spring Framework

  1. Spring Application Framework Tutorials
  2. Hibernate Framework Tutorials
  3. All Hiberante ORM framework tutorials listed in mysoftkey

3. NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis) Tutorials

  1. MongoDB Tutorials
  2. Apache Cassandra tutorials
  3. Elastic search Tutorials
  4. Redis tutorials

Architecture Tutorial

Linux Tutorials

Interview Questions and Answers

4. Tool & Misc Tutorials

  1. How to Rename Tag in GIT?
  2. How to Migrate Project from SVN to GIT?
  3. GIT: How to Add sub-module or sub-project link to git branch?
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