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This is the Software Architecture tutorials index page. you can find different tutorial articles on software architecture here.

Software Architecture Tutorials

  1. Understanding of CAP Theorem
    This post is about CAP (Consistency, Availability and Partion-tolerance). You can learn how what is CAP theorm and how and where should you use this.
  2. Type of NoSQL databases
    At the end of this post you can find different types of NOSQL means “NOT only SQL” big data database, its more than the SQL (Structured Query Language).
  3. Difference between Redis and Memcached
    This tutorial give you the faire idea about two different distributed in-memory caching system i.e. Redis and Memcached.
  4. What is Redis?
    This post gives you fair ideas about Redis, why you use it, when you should use Redis
  5. Understanding of High Availability NFR (Non Functional Requirement)
    In this post you can find what HA (High Avaialability) is and what typs of system is said to be High Availability.
  6. What is Distributed System
    This article gives overview of what distributed system is and what the characteristics to be a distributed system.
  7. JMS Versus AMQP
    In this tutorial exaplin about what is JMS and What is AMQP. How to choose which one either JMS or AMQP, is described in this tutorial.

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