What is Database?

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Database is a collection of data that is organize in manner that makes it easy to be managed, accessed, and changed. An organization generally has different department based on their specialization, so does the data requirement change that lead to multiple database requirement in the organization.

Computer Database

It is an electronically managed collection of data related to a specific domain like financial.

Databases can be categorizing in several ways

Bases on Query Method

  • SQL Database (Relational)
  • NOSQL Database/Schemaless  (Non Relational)

Based on data that it can handle

  1. Relational Database
  2. Object Database
  3. Document Database
  4. Graph Database
  5. Columnar Database
  6. Key Value Database

All these databases are intended to be used for a specific type of data and is optimizes for that specific data requirement.

Databases that are well organize and have strict rules defined as to how data will be arranged and managed, these rules translate to schema, Schema is a structure detailing how the data will be maintained.

Databases Provides the flexibility and do not adhere to strict structure rules and are generally known as schema less Databases

Databased Management System (DBMS) these are the software that are designed to perform different action on the database like retrieval, storing, changing existing data, and several other operations.   A Computer programmer always interact with database through its DBMS, that hide it complexity of how data is internally managed and provides us the simplified mechanisms to access respective Data.

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