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Well, this post is about different java XML parser comparative study. When you get opportunity to parse any XML , first of all you should know few things: how much size of xml? how frequently you want to parse XML? whether you want to write or read? how complex structure of your xml? how much memrory do you have in application server? You can better judge the and choose the parser if you know the basic things about your xml structure and all.

Pull Parsing Versus Push Parsing

pull means , always return something ( xmlinfoset). When talk about pull , its always programmer friently, and easy to debug, controll in application code.

Advantage of Pull Parser over Push:

  • With pull parsing, the client controls the application thread, and can call methods on the parser when needed.
  • With push processing, the parser controls the application thread, and the client can only accept invocations from the parser.
  • Pull parsing libraries can be much smaller and client code to interact with those libraries much simpler than with push libraries, even for more complex documents.
  • Pull clients can read multiple documents at one time with a single thread.
  • A StAX pull parser can filter XML documents , in such a way elements unnecessary to the client can be ignored, and it can support XML views of non-XML data.

XML Parser API Feature Summary

The following is the summary of feature of different XML parser. The intent is parsing for all the parser but philosophy of all the different some extent.

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