What is lzo compression and decmpression

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LZO stands for Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer). It is a data-compression algorithm that focuses on decompression speed.

This algorithm is looless, with thread-safe reference implementation. Purpose of lzo is it supports input formats for bulk loading of data.

1. Faster compressor and decompression.
2. Modern system when making backups of terrabyte of data,lzop is usually IO-bounded and not CPU bound.
So it means that you can both decrease storage requirement and effectively reduce backup time by quite an amount.
[ LZOP[:-
1. Speed
2. Betten that gzip
3. Portablity is faseter.

Difference between lzop and gzip :
(Much higer compression and decompression speed as compare to gzip)
1. Lzop does not delete the input files by default.
2. Files compressed by lzop will be suffiex ‘.lzo’.

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