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MongoDB remote copy
There are different ways for MongoDB remote copy database from one server to another or from one cluster to another cluster. Using db.copyDatabase()

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1. By using db.copyDatabase() on terminal

Usedb.copyDatabase() for mongoDB remote copy database after logged-in into mongodb server.



## fileName: ####

#Sync mongodb database from remote to local where you run this.
#NOTE: be careful this overwrites the local copy (from where run) of the database if you have.
## here local means where you run this script, and remote means from where you want to get data.


mongo $localDb --eval "use '$localMongoDB'; db.dropDatabase(); db.copyDatabase('$remoteMongoDB', '$localMongoDB', '$remoteHost', '$remoteUserDB', '$remoteDBPasswd')"

2. By using db.copyDatabase() on mongos terminal

For mongoDB remote copy database the syntax to copy database as:

>db.copyDatabase(fromdb, todb, fromhost, username, password, mechanism);

db.copyDatabase() example:

> db.copyDatabase('orderdb', 'orderdb', '')

3.By using db.cloneCollection() on mongos terminal

db.cloneCollection() is used to mongoDB remote copy of collection and its meta data within a database.

> db.cloneCollection('', 'orderdb.orderColl');

4. Reference

You can visit for more details.

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