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MongoDBWell, here Role is same role which you think for any database. There is no difference from traditional database. you can grant previledges to a perticular user on some perticular database. here , terminology ‘namespace’ and ‘database’ are same so please don’t confuse with these two terminologies.

Authorization with mongoDB, it means, Role bases access controll. You can secure your database from any user which you don’t know. Authorization means what, if you have access permission then you can access otherwise resources reject your accessiblity.

First of all , you may think, what is Role? You can carefully observer following quote, you can userstand the Role very well. Just for you simplicity , I highlighted important keyword with bold so that you can understand easily.

Roles are group of Previledge, actions over resources, that are granted to users over a given namespace ( database)

Let us talk about what Action is in above quote. All operations and commands user has to perform on mongoDB is called action , few of them are following.

  • insert
  • create
  • crateUser
  • addShard
  • addReplicaset
  • delete etc

Actions are performed on Resources. So, what is Resources now? The following are some example of resources in the context of Role bases access control in mongoDB.

  • Database/namespace
  • Collection
  • mongoDB Cluster

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