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Built-in role in mongoDBIn this article explain about built-in role in MongoDB. There are multiple mongodb built in roles and you cat get built in roles in MongoDB easily.

Overview of built-in role in mongoDB

There are different MongoDB built in roles, The entire list I try to pull those in this article of mongoDB built in roles.

1. Database user Role

  • read
  • readWrite

2. Database Admin Role

Provides the ability to perform administrative tasks such as schema-related tasks, indexing, and gathering statistics. This role does not grant privileges for user and role management.
This role can do following actions:

  • changeStream
  • collStats
  • convertToCapped
  • createCollection
  • dbHash
  • dbStats
  • dropCollection
  • find
  • killCursors
  • listCollections
  • listIndexes
  • planCacheRead

3. All Database Role

4. cluster Admin Role

5. Backup/Restore Role

6. Superuser Role

7. internal Role

MongoDB assigns this role to user objects that represent cluster members, such as replica set members and mongos instances. The role entitles its holder to take any action against any object in the database.


You can visit docs.mongodb.com for more details.

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