Design Pattern : Proxy Versus Decorator

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proxy vs decorator design patternsProxy vs Decorator design patterns, both seems similarity structurally with different intent. Let me explain the similarity and differences between them.

1. Proxy Design Pattern

control Access to it.

What is proxy?

It’s an intermediary between a client object and the target object. responsibility wise it, It receives a call from client object and forwards them to the target Object. You can visit proxy design patterns for more details.

2. Decorator Design Pattern

adds additional responsibility at run-time

3. Key Points Proxy vs Decorator design patterns

Following are the high level differences between Proxy and Decorator design patterns. Both looks like similar structuraly but intent of both are different.

  • Target Object accessibility: The client object can not access target object directly while Client object has ability to access target object directly.
  • Access level: Proxy object provides access control to the target object, decorator does not control access to target object.
  • Responsibility level: Proxy does not add any additional responsibility while Decorator add additional responsibility to an object.

4. Reference

I hope you enjoyed this post of Proxy vs Decorator design patterns, and you can visit design patterns tutorial for more details.
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