RESTful Web services Interview Questions and Answers

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Q9. What are frameworks available to implement REST web services?

Spring, Jersey, Restlet, EasyRest, etc.

Q10. What is the Restlet framework?

Restlet is a lightweight, comprehensive, open source RESTful web API framework for the Java platform.
It has advantages such as

  • websocket and client-server events support;
  • HTTP/2 support;
  • transparent HTTP PATCH support;
  • client cache service;
  • fluent APIs.

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Q11. What is the Jersey framework?

Jersey is open source framework which implements JAX-RS reference implementation provided by Sun. For using Jersey as our JAX-RS implementation, all we need to configure its servlet in web.xml and add required dependencies. JAX-RS API is part of JDK not Jersey, so we have to add its dependency jars in our application.
It has advantages as:

  • support for Web Application Description Language (WADL);
  • contains Jersey Test Framework which lets run and test Jersey REST services inside JUnit;
  • supports for the REST MVC pattern, which would allow to return a View from Jersey services rather than just data.

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Q12. What is the RESTeasy framework?

RESTeasy is backed by JBoss, which implements of the JAX-RS specification.
It has benefits such as:

  • fully certified JAX-RS implementation; supports HTTP 1.1 caching semantics including cache revalidation
  • JAXB marshalling into XML, JSON, Jackson, Fastinfoset, and Atom as well as wrappers for maps, arrays, lists, and sets of JAXB Objects
  • rich set of providers for: XML, JSON, YAML, Fastinfoset, Multipart, XOP, Atom, etc.
  • OAuth2 and Distributed SSO with JBoss AS7
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