Difference between Copy and Add command in Docker file

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copy and add command in dockerI explained the difference between copy and add command in docker file in simple and easy way.

Overview of copy and add command

In docker, if we are taking about Copy and Add command both work similar but there is a small difference between these commands.

  1. copy command is used to copy source file/directory into destination docker directory.
  2. In case of add command will perform same task to copy from source file/directory  into destination docker directory . But most probably add is used when we need to get file from URL and extract it to particular docker directory .

Syntax of copy and add

Let me share the syntax for both copy

  • Copy mySrc.tar.gz /usr/myfolder
  • this only copy the source file to destination
  • ADD mySrce.tar.gz /usr/myfolder/.
  • Add URL/abc.tar.gx  /usr/myfolder/.

It will copy same in extract the get from URL and  tar.gz file to destination folder. So single command perform multiple tasks.

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