what are the security objectives?

We are living in the world, where protection of security is very important, and security does not comes free This is basic building block of any security.

Let us understand what is information security and what is its objectives? In the information technology world you should understand objectives of Information security.

1. Security Objectives

There are three objectives of Security:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Integrity
  3. Availability

2. Different aspect of security

You know, you are living in the information security world, where protection of information is very important. And the main question is, how to protect secured information from outside the world is challenges? If you have any physical things in your home and for stealing that you have to unlock the lock of gate but if you have information in cloud with protection, you have to

Goal of security is one with different aspect of it.

is there any another security? yes, there are different security like: system security, application security, network security, data security, storage security.

3. Example of Information Security

There can be different example of security like:

Let say Alice is customer of bank and he is trying to change the personal information of his bank details. and Eve is evesdroper who is trying to intercept and change the personal information of Alice. so in this case , what kind of security concerned you are talking about?

4. Security Objectives

There are three different security objectives, which I’m going to discussed one by one here.

  1. Confidentiality: It refer about read access of any confidential data. Protecting information from un-authorised access and disclosure
  2. Integrity: it refers about write or update of any data . Assuring the reliability and accuracy of information and IT resources by guarding against unauthorised information modification or destruction. Both confidentiality and availability contribute to integrity. Integrity can be categorised further into:
    Data Integrity and
    system integrity.
  3. Availability: It is about availability of any data which can be access easily when we requires. Defending information systems and resources to ensure timely and reliable access and use of information. key point of Availability means ensuring that the data can be accessed by all authorized people.

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