Linux: Redhat 6 missing header file stropts.h

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well, Redhat 6 missing header files from /usr/include/stropts.h is a trick to recover.
When migration our code from Redhat 5 to Redhat 6 and if we are using some header file like 'stropts.h'.
So we got compilation error because due to some of development package are missing at time of installation.

To resolve this need to install particular or correct header in redhat6.

So now question arise, how we can find the correct package?

Need to install package from yum command:-

yum to install oprofile-devel.

Above package is available for 34bit and 64 bit.

What this file is missing :-
1. 'stropt.h' header file is STREAMS interface (STREAMS),

Suggested : Streams hasn’t been supported in Linux by default need to install package.

oprofile is a software and system profiler tool.

Resolution: Either remove or comment the header file otherwise install 'oprofile' software tool.

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