data storage – different form of storage media

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Data StorageDisk , solid-state and tape storage are all different forms of persistence storage and non-volatile storage or secondary storage media e.g. RAM.

1. Type of storage

  1. Persistent storage : data does not loose it content when power is turned off. It is standard choice for long term data storage. E.g Tape , hard disk, flash memory
  2. Non-Persistent storage: it looses data when power turned-off. Example of non-persistent storage as : static/dynamic RAM.
  3. Storage refers to persistent non-volatile storage, where memory refers to non-persistent storage.

2. Disk Drive Storage

when we talk about the disk, it’s refers to electro-mechanincal hard disk drive, sometimes we call it hard disk drive, sometimes hard disk , sometimes disk, and some times in abbreviate form HDD. So during this post I will keep exchanging these words.

You can know about your first hard disk capacity, size, geometry of disk etc in our another post.

3. Solid-state storage

Solid state storage is the new technologies which gain popularity due to many reason. This is based on flash memory technology. Mostly we use this in different forms.

Size of solid state disk and hard disk drive are almost same , however, you can say its geometry are not same. If you know more level of knowledge you can visit our another post about Solid Sate Disk.

4. Tape Storage

Tape storage refers to magnetic tape storage. tape storage is more than 50 years older and matured technology and still have popularity in terms of usage for different aspect.

Magnetic tape is used for sequential read workload and its objectives is to used for sequential read only. what is the meaning of sequential read here. let us take an example here, you have a book but don’t have index page and you have to search on particulate topic so you have to start from first page in order to reach out on particular page on particular topic. Similarly in magnetic tape you have to read data from start in order to reach on particular data.

You usually use magnetic tape for infrequent access data. What is infrequent usage of data, so you can use for backup and archival purpose. keep in your mind magnetic tape is not used for Transactional data, report data or OLTP or OLAP. Used for only backup and archival purpose.

Your comments are welcome to improve this post of different forms of data storage technologies. Happy Learning 🙂

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