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Data StorageIBM RAMAC 350 hard disk is the first commercial disk developed in 1956 by IBM. you can see how fast the technology evolving around storage of data. Now you can move disk having TB’s in your pocket. Know about first disk of IBM RAMAC 350.

IBM First Disk
IBM First Disk (RAMAC 350 )

IBM RAMAC 350 disk is father of mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) . why this is father of all disk? Because architecturally, physical design of mechanical parts like platters, heads, actuators and spindle motors remain pretty much same as of now in modern hard disk drive. You can see how storage technology evolved in 60 years. you can imagine, how much was the cost of disk on that time, and how much was the speed , performance, scalability of the application on that time point of time. And how these non-functional thing evolved during years. Nowadays, you can move around the world by keeping TBs of data in your pocket.

In the storage world after 2019-10, there is huge revolution by dominating of following two technologis:

Solid State storage/Flash memory
The cloud

Key Points of IBM First Disk

  • Developed in 1956 by IBM
  • Height: it was 66 inches, more than the 6 feet
  • Mechanical part: 50 platters of size each having 24 inches
  • Weight : around 1 ton
  • Storage capacity : 4MB
  • Power consumption : obviously you see very large machine which consumes huge power

You can imagine, if there is no revolution of storage devices, one thing is sure, this disk drive will not fit you mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.


Wiki – IBM RAMAC 350 Hard Disk

Your comments are welcome, I hope you enjoyed by knowing about your first Hard disk. Happy learning 🙂

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