data storage – know about your Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

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HDD: Hard Disk DriveHard disk drive or hard disk or disk are same terminology which we used day-to-day basis. This is one of the frequently used storage media for data storage.

Overview of HDD: Hard Disk Drive

Mechanical Components of Hard Disk Drive
Mechanical Components of Hard Disk Drive

Different Mechanical Components

I think, you are interested to know about your different major components of hard disk drive , which are as:

  1. Platters: Platter is the component where actual data stored.
  2. Read/write heads: data is read and write from platters by using read/write head. its attached to the actuator assembly. Hihger level system like OS, volume mangers, and file system never know anything about read/write head
  3. Actuator Assembly: each disk drive has a single actuator assembly and its responsibility is to move the r/w heads under the direction of controller. As a single actuator so moves in with all heads.
  4. Spindle motor: every platter in a disk is connected to spindle and its responsibility is to spin the platters. Each disk having single spindle . each patter spins at the same velocity which is know as RPM (Revolution Per Minute).


For more in-depth knowledge , you can read out one of the famous book in the field of data storage i.e. Data Storage Networking by Nigel Poulton. I really like this book to grasp in depth knowledge of our data storage and networking. I read out this book during my M.Tech. program and I really enjoyed by reading this. And I strongly recommend to read out this text book once in your career.

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