JSP Interview Question and Answer

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How can we disable java code or scripting in JSP page?

Although writing of scriptlet in jsp is not good practices but you can write. if you want to stop application level you do so. We can disable scripting elements in JSP pages through DD (deployment descriptor) i.e. web.xml configuration as follows:
This url-pattern will disable scripting for all the JSP pages but if you want to disable it only for specific page, you can give the JSP file name itself.


What are the different types of JSTL tags?

Based on the JSTL functions, they are categorized into five types. for JSP interview, perspectives you must know what all tags available in JSTL.

  • Core Tags: Core tags provide support for iteration , conditional logic, catch exception, url, forward or redirect response etc.
  • Formatting and Localization Tags: JSTL format tags for formatting of Numbers, Dates and i18n support through locales and resource bundles.
  • SQL Tags: JSTL SQL Tags provide support for interaction with relational databases such as Oracle\, MySql etc.
  • XML Tags: JSTL XML tags are used to work with XML documents such as parsing XML, transforming XML data and XPath expressions evaluation.
  • Functions Tags: JSTL function tags provide a number of functions that we can use to perform common operation, most of them are for String manipulation such as String Concatenation, Split String etc.

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